Below are a few Testimonials from jolly nice people I have worked with........

Adrian Lock founder Deeper Leaders

Carla’s great. My first choice for real play coaching with senior leaders in challenging conversations. Recommended.


Carla was adaptable and easy to work with on all the varied types of genres and styles of artists we did recordings for. Always well prepared and up for a challenge.

Alastair Stuart on STAR COPS MARS 1....

” Adam’s ratchets the tension expertly and it’s a killer ending. He is also gifted with Carla de Wansey’s Dr JULIENNE GRAINGER , the best supporting player of the series to date. Completely honest, fiery, and clever, she is a great foil for Nathan in a way few others manage...”


Tom Hickmore Nice Media..

”You were a joy to work with, and I look forward to working with you again”


Rachael Naylor Founder of the Voice Over Network...

”You have a wonderful voice, the reads you did for us were great, I also liked the choice of music you added. Very well done for editing that. I loved the Gin read, it was brilliant.”


Helen Goldwyn Director at BIG FINISH

” I knew Carla would bring the right authority and humour to the role. I also knew she would be more than capable of holding her own opposite the inimitable David Calder. Sure enough Carla delivered a superbly assured and nuanced performance, garnering glowing reviews”.