HAPPY NEW YEAR……I really look forward to working with you , and REMEMBER  when Joanna Lumley is unavailable I AM.😀

Delightfully Adaptable RP........

Snippet from latest BIG FINISH trailer for Revenge of Wormwood feat. Cmdr HADLEY from UNIT........

Hello everyone  and welcome to my voice site. I'm Carla de Wansey a working actor and Voice Artist. I have a Professional HOME STUDIO so am able to provide good quality demos and finished reads in a format that suits you

Below is a selection of downloadable Voice reels and under those is a bit more info on where i'm based in the UK and a little more about me.  I love working in this diverse industry and every job big or small gives me great satisfaction, and a happy client is my total aim. You can CLICK on the SPOTLIGHT link below to see a CV, acting reels, and all sorts of info. 

SPOTLIGHT PAGE IS https://www.spotlight.com/3873-5645-5072 

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AMERICAN Assorted Reads
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So, I'm Carla and here's a bit more info about me......

 I’m a Professional Actress and Voice Artist of many years. I am London UK based, and was born in the UK so my natural voice is RP. I'm able to do many UK accents and can relax my RP to suit todays marketplace... I've been lucky enough to have worked in all areas of the business for many years, working with some of the Kings and Queens of Comedy, and my extensive acting experience helps me to bring scripts to life off the page whatever the product might be.

My vocal range is from teens to older ladies with a host of creatures great and small, worldly and unworldly, thrown in. Whether it’s a Corporate read, Explainer, an easy relaxed style you require , comedy or straight, cheeky or with gravitas, I can adapt my delivery to suit your requirements. MY AIM IS TO HELP YOU AS A CLIENT PRODUCE THE BEST STYLE OF VOICE AND READ FOR YOUR PROJECT SO ULTIMATELY YOUR PRODUCT AND YOUR PRESENCE IN THE MARKET PLACE IS ENHANCED...AND THE END USER BENEFITS. The same goes for DEMOS if you need to show samples to a potential client...always happy to do them with no obligation.


On the next page you can read about the services I can provide you working either from my home studio or coming into a studio. 

So If you have a moment do have a browse round the site. I am always happy to chat, or you can go via my Voice Agent VOICEFOX. All the details are on the CONTACT page, and there is a contact form so you can send me a message If you prefer. As I have a Professional home studio  I can produce demos and finished edited reads, and add SFX if required.

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Below is a clip from Alice through the Looking glass chapter 4 which 174 of us voice artists have recorded in order to raise money for Cancer Research. I have contributed a lisping Walrus and wide boy Carpenter.......Cancer affects most of us in some way or other in our lives so its a hugely worthwhile cause. To listen to the book daily or to donate whatever you can please go to www.wonderlandvo.com/challenge where all the info is and the background behind it all. Lots of very well known folks on this book plus all sorts of other smashing voice artists. SO worth a listen